SGLH campaigns to protect heritage gardens and designed landscapes, and trains volunteers to record them.

In Scotland, nationally important sites are listed and described in An Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes.  It is compiled and maintained by Historic Scotland.  However there are hundreds of other gardens and sites, not on the Inventory, which are of regional and local significance.


We continue the work of the Garden History Society in Scotland (GHSS) by responding to Scottish government consultations such as the Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), Scottish Historic Environment Policy (SHEP) and Our Place in Time: the Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland. We have forged links with local authorities to ensure appropriate policies are included in Local Development Plans.

Planning consultations

When sites on the Inventory are affected by planning proposals, Historic Environment Scotland must be consulted.  The SGLH offers independent advice on Inventory and non-Inventory sites when requested and we are developing the good relationship with planning authorities established by the GHSS. Our Conservation Consultant is Alison Allighan.

Recording Regional and Local Gardens and Designed Landscapes

We raise funds and set-up Recording Projects which involve local people, community groups and local authorities.  We train volunteers to survey and record non-Inventory gardens, parks and designed landscapes where such information is lacking.